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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ukulele Boot Camp - Day One

Because several people seem to be of two minds, one that the ukulele is a wonderful instrument that sounds like angels telling you all their campy secrets, and two that I am in a situation to impart ukulele wisdom upon them like a mother bird lovingly barfing into the open maws of eager birdlets, I have started my funky fresh gal pal Jacqui on a rigorous ukulele-learning regimen. The first assumption is correct, the second - we'll see. Since landing in Detroit from Philadelphia over the summer, I've started playing, and apparently inspired several people around me to start playing, collecting, fixing, and in one impressive circumstance, making, ukuleles. I'm worried this is all going to get very hip very quickly, but not enough to stop me from going through with this half-baked plan of uke proliferation.
The plan is this: Every seven days from now until my birthday (March 31st) we will add a new song to our repertoire. By April showers the fools shall have their day. Strumming on the street, making enough for tasty sandwiches. That's the goal, anyway.
First on the list is an ambitious one - "La Vie en Rose" by the ever-warbly, always-charming Edith Piaf. I decided this after discovering the lovely lady's entire discography online, free for the downloadin'. I highly recommend checking it out.

As we learn to dominate this divine instrument together, I'll post each performance as it becomes available

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